Release notes


ntuple projection : for ntuple (defined as a table of columns with numbers), ioda can now do interactive projections of one or two columns in a 1D or 2D histogram. This works for a "flat TTree" in a ROOT file, a BINARY_TABLE in a FITS file, a flat ntuple in an AIDA file and table data in a CSV file.

new file types : CSV, hippodraw TNT (CSV+a header with a first line for a global title and a second line with labels of columns).

examples : have a demo.root file to play with ntuple.

plot style : once having a plot, this sub menu permits to change the overall style according to a set of predefined ones.

FTP : we have implemented "FTP passive".


iDevices : we have implemented the Apple document interchange for file types known by ioda. Now applications as Dropbox, GoodReader, Mail can "Open in..." a file toward ioda.

Android : we have implemented an "intent-filter" so that when choosing a file in applications as Dropbox or "Linda Manager", ioda is proposed as a candidate viewer to open the file.

We have added a FTP button in the main menu to be able to get data files with FTP. See The FTP button. With this button and the upper interchange feature you can get data files without the need to connect your device to a desktop.

A "params" button had been added to specify some visualization parameters. For example you can now render a FOG file in solid with or without lightening. The "lighten cube" example had been added to play with this feature. See Gallery for some pictures.

The bottom left area in the camera panel is now a button that permits to toggle the arrows to a "90 degrees" mode. When set, the left/right (up/down) arrows rotates the camera by 90 degrees around the y (x) axis.

When browsing a CERN/ROOT file, directories are no more prefixed with "d:" but are shown with a different color (by default in light grey whilst files are still rendered in white).

In the "entries" example, the labels had been changed to : text, uint, int, real. It helpes understand the comportement of the entry keyboard for each kind of item.

For desktop version : we have added the -iPhone4 option to have same window size layout as an iPhone4.


Birth of ioda. App Store acceptance. Android Market submission/acceptance.