Visualizing a FOG file.

You can bring FOG files from :

and deposit them in your document directory (see Data files).

The story : the FOG format had been developed some time ago by L.Chevalier, C.Baudry, Marc Virchaux of CEA/Saclay (France) in a attempt to do an event display for ATLAS (POVAMA) written in C and using directly OpenGL to do the graphics. Even if POVAMA had not been continued (helas!), it let the opportunity to have at hand a rather simple C code (not embarquing the xillons of line of codes as the today LHC/LCG/ATLAS framework) describing a today HEP detector and permitting to test the graphics capabilities of the new waves of smart devices in a reallistic context. (All together all fog files amount to one million points. And you know what ? an iPod touch holds the charge !).

The menu item

     Examples -> ATLAS

leads to :


which proposes the tow FOG files, EEL and END, coming with the distrib. (They are among the smallest ones in size). When choosing both, you should see :


And by playing with the camera panel :


To see more you can download for example the BAR.fog and visualize it with :

     Files -> .fog -> BAR.fog

It shows the "barrel toroids" typical of ATLAS. From here you can map back the user interface by activating the bottom screen/window area. Then activate the "Home" button and the "out.jpg" to produce a out.jpg JPEG file of the picture.