Browsing an AIDA file.

You can bring ref_inlib_waxml.aida.gz from :

and deposit the file in your document directory (see Data files).

Then start ioda and select the file with :

     Files -> .aida -> ref_inlib_waxml.aida.gz

Whence selected you should see the list of available objects :


rg is a one dimenstional histogram, by selecting it you should see :


prof is a profile histogram. You should see :


rgbw is a 2D histogram :


When having a plot you can use the camera panel (or the finger on a smart device) to pan the plot and zoom in it. From here you can map back the user interface by activating the bottom screen/window area. Then activate the "Home" button and the "out.jpg" to produce a out.jpg JPEG file of the picture.